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Lyle Lovett and the marijuana


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Was just talking to a friend who was at the Lyle Lovett concert last night. I only got to see part of the set and missed this but apparently Lovett paused after two songs and asked the crowd not to smoke up. Now, I've never heard a performer say this and given Lovett's reputation for dry humour I told him I thought he was joking around. But he maintains that Lovett was dead serious. So, does Lyle have an anti-pot reputation?!

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not sure about that, but...

during the Funk Brothers show in Wasaga Beach, the pot smokers were asked to come closer and smoke up wind so the aroma could be enjoyed on stage!

there ain't no party like a Funk Brothers party

cause a Funk Brothers party don't stop ::

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One time, I went to see Hux perform a solo set, and the crowd was yelling at him not to smoke up.

No, when you thought you heard, "Don't smoke up!", they were really yelling, "Yo! S'mo cup!", indicating that his codpiece wasn't nearly sizable enough for the amount of testicular fortitude his performance demanded he display...



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You know, I would love nothing more than that. The only issue is that we wont be there for very long. I think we are stopping in for a beer or two, having dinner and then going to Bluesfest.

So, how does that grab you by the boo-boo?

Lets get together somehow, someway.

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Truth be told, and keep in mind this is on pretty good authority from a backstage perspective, Lyle Lovett is an a$$hole.

I do love his music but the man himself, perhaps because of 20 years of touring, is a whiny demanding bastard.

There were three trips made to drycleaners for him last night, one of which was a repeat pressing because the first one "didn't look right" and the third one because one of his band members had missed out on the first run.

The man threw a hissy fit because his "load out" (i.e. sh!t to take on the bus) rider wasn't ready at 4:00pm in the afternoon. Seems kind of silly when his scheduled exit time was 11:30 that night.

Lyle and company numbered nearly 60 backstage, whereas the rider asked for meals for 30. If they ask for 30 and 40 show up, fine. But 60 people cleaned out the hospitality BBQ and left next to nothing for Jimmie Vaughan, who was opening.

His manager asked me to pick up, and I quote "4 lbs of sausages, 3 lbs of ribs. a cheese pizza and a bucket of fried kitchen" for Lyle aftershow. There were similiar orders for the crew and the rest of the band. This would have been fine, but when I asked for clarification around food by weight (is a rack of ribs about a pound or 2?) He acted all insulted and said "use your head on that one kid".

When he first arrived onsite, Lyle's manager ripped down the artist sign on the trailer and threw it in the garbage. When I asked if there was a problem he said "my signs look better". Prick.

I could go on and on about them but last night was definitely the worst backstage experience I've had so far. As for the marijuana thing I think he was actually serious.

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he's a big famous star... what can ya do? Sex sells...


I've had similar situations like yours ahess with people like Randy Brecker, a few of the Original Parliaments are kinda rude too. It's kinda hard to deal with sometimes because you just wanna say "hey go get your own fu©king towel you egotistic asshat!" but of course you can't. So you end up pulling all the blue smarties out of the bowl because they're not "natural".

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