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Guest Low Roller

It's been too long since Radiohead was mentioned on this website (three days), so I figure I'll infuse the board with some of that sweet Radiohead talk.

Here goes:

- Radiohead's 'Creep' is included on the new GTA (Grand Theft Auto) game, San Andres, which is set in a southern California city in the early 90s.

- Are you a real Radiohead fan? Take the test and prove it! I scored 74%.

- Radiohead are planning to start recording the follow-up to 'HTTT' in 2005, but is unlikely that we'll hear from the band at all until that time. The band have revealed that they will take a complete break from recording and touring commitments for the rest of 2004 but deny that the next record will show such a marked change in direction as ‘Kid A’.

Drummer Phil Selway told NME: “We have no plans at the moment- we just want some clear time not thinking about music and not really thinking about what we’re going to do next. We’ve got to rest everything.”

He explained: “We’ve just had a very intense period of recording and touring. We’ve got to not so much rethink everything but just come back to it with the right motivation. We’re very keen to get back together and make music together, but as and when we don’t yet know”.

Talking about a possible change in direction, Selway said: “We’d reached a point at the end of OK Computer where we were sick of that approach to song writing and we needed time away from it. We don’t think we feel that way now.”

He continued: “I don’t think we need to knock down what we’ve done before and completely reinvent ourselves but at the same time we need to improve as musicians, we need new material, and to try arrangement ideas”.


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