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Diesel Dog at the ring Carribean Bar in Brantford


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Hey People!

This Monday the 19 July, Deisel Dog will be playing

a different kind of show at the Ring in Brantford, show

starts at 7, lots of food, lots of Red Stripe, Corona,

Tequila, good tunes, come dig something different from the

NORM, ::

We be eatin at 8:30, :P then more tunes to fill you up even more. Dig Dig Dig

See you Monday

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We've been doing these get-togethers at the Ring for a couple months now and wow are they great. A giant dinner spread with nothing but friends and cool cats. Precursed with music and concluded with music. We've had straight reggae jam parties, turvey quartet jazz with Guest house busting out thier crazy songs and a mix of everyone simply having a great time. The dinner is usually a donation arrangement. But honestly, it's been a little different every single time. The only thing that remains the same is the wonderful cuisine and the splendid vibes.

Show up,..you'll love it!

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I don't know who posted that but it wasn't me.

I guess that's what happens when you leave your computer on for anyone to use.

I think it was Blano, aka Blaino, aka Ronnie Rasta, aka chickenbutter.

But if you can invoke Bob to show up all the power to ya. ;)

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