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Diesel Dog/Caution Jam photos


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Man! what a great night of music....

The sound in the room was great, as Diesel Dog launched in a awesome set of originals, followed by Caution Jam

[color:"red"] [color:"red"]

Caution Jam launched into a deadly Cumberland Blues featuring members of Diesel Dog. The jam was a super heady mix of bluesy riffs, classic keyboards and psychedelic noddling... The nighted ended with a Super Jam of "The Caution Dog/Diesel Jam" with an inspired version of Shakedown Street, with Diesel Doug Burnside showing off his Jerry licks and jazzy soloing which then led into a great blues number in which Caution Jam's Mark Chrissenger launched in to a screamin' guitar explosion. The night end at 2:40 in a high energy fashion, as the party went to the streets for about another hour.

All in all one of the best summer shows in Toronto!

Shouts out to Fari Sari for getting these photos out good to see Jared, Basher, Dancin' Joe, Mr. Slipery, Del, Pablo, Alexis, Helen, Sarah Bear, and all the Dancin' Mamas!


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