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Brad Barr NYC Review


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From http://theslip.com :


Brad's Solo gig


those of you who missed it... well you missed it.

It was gorgeous.. in all of its shyness and apprehension slowly unfolding into unadulterated power and triumph.

Closing the first slightly unassure set with a confident warm Alsoa . .. and a second set with Andrew on : Toy piano, twirly plastic toy, microphone taps, tamborine etc.... leading into a ridiculous Barr brothers rendition of Song.

Little Red Corvette. Brad on Baby Grand. The most touching version of "If one of us should fall."

Honestly, with just Brad ... singing to Andrew.. it all makes perfect sense. Their lives. together.

To the naysayers who "want more jazz"; perhaps these are growing pains, but stretching these hamstrings feels more than good.

They make a joyous noise.




And during the day Andrew and Brad had an impromptu gig as sideman at a Trinadadian wedding in Central Park (at the Tavern on the Green, one of the nicest spots in nyc) playing as a calypso band...


Sounds like a sick night of music. And with the Marc Friedman/Marco Bennevento show this coming Wednesday, it would have been a nice little NYC run...

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