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Where are all the good people


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Hey friends, im working up at camp for the summer up in a place called St.George, in Ontario.. im from the Maritimes.. and looking for some good jam bands, and venue areas.. i've been too a couple things.. Waterford for a Come Together music festival.. which rocked.. but anyways if anyone could just give me a shout it would be greatly apperciated.. thanks! cheers..

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welcome to the board! (and Ontario)

St. George is kinda near Brantford (people call it Browntown) where some good things happen at bars pretty much weekly (usually posted on this board) and if you go another 30 minutes you get to Hamilton where a lot of good things happen at bars like The Pepperjack Cafe (PJC) and The Casbah (Hamilton things are always posted on this board) and a couple of times a month in Guelph something usually comes up (usually up on the board as well)

this is happening tonight in Brantford


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i agree, shelbyville kinda sucks.

theres one bar i know of that has live music sometimes. the fiddlers green irish pub. ive seen Truth and Rights there a couple times, fun and real loud. their website doesnt seem to be working, the address is 12 1/2 Water St. S. (519) 622-5270.

theres also a good vietnamese restaurant on highway 24, at the first set of lights south of the 401. mmm... i miss it. ben thanh is the name, and theres a review here.


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