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The Polyphonic Spree

mister slippery

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how have i missed the chance to have this in my discman or dvd player every day???

this is fantastic, i just never payed attention cause everyone compared em to the flaming lips all the time. not that i dont dig the flaming lips, theyre ok, but the comparison didnt intrigue me, i guess.

now, had those people said "its like the flaming lips meeting janes addiction and the beach boys( with permissible time travel, to capture the beach boys in '66, of course)" i would been all over them.

this is brilliant! i refer to the dvd portion of the new album by that, which is playing "when the fool becomes a king" right now.

i gotta see these guys live, ideally somewhere huge.

babble, babble, babble.

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I saw them perform on the Video Music Awards. It was unreal. This group of musicians -- big band, with, like a 10 person choir. It was crazy! The best part was, for the awards, they were each wearing a different color robe.

They're really happy, and they're really upbeat. Their sound is killer, and, usually this could be attributed to heavy faith, but I don't hear a lot of that in their music.

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