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just got my coventry ticket....


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what does UPS do if you aren`t there to receive your package?

Actually, I've never had to sign for Phish tickets by mail order, they're usually left between my screen door and front door.

If they do require a signature, though, and no-one's there, they'll leave a note for you, and tell you where you can sign for and pick up the package.



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if you didnt sign for your tickets.. then heres what you do.. email phishtickets and say they didnt arrive.. they must replace them because they have no way to prove they delivered them to you without a signature(although you paid for this service) or call your cc company and say the product was never delivered.

give your heady extra tickets to a wookie friend who wasnt smart enough to buy his own or you can sell them on ebay to some mommabuysallmyticketsforme ball licker.

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