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5 year anniversary of Phish at Mol Amp 07/20/99


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This is the five year anniversary of Phish at the Molson Amphitheatre. I'm posting this as I'm assuming that for many on this board, the Molson Amphitheatre gig would have been their first Phish show.

I remember it being a fun gig, with the debut of "Misty Mountain Hop." Unfortunately being the next gig right after Oswego, the Molson Amphitheatre show was hard pressed to top the weekend festival.

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1999 was such a great year. So many fabulous memories. The 6 night run of BNB in February at the Rose and Crown in Banff AB. Especially the second set on the fourth night, 02/18/99.

II. Bellbottoms>Five Alive>Funkin' Shoes>Five Alive>Jack Lumber>Five Alive>Funkin' Shoes, Function, Anabananna>Waves, Be as One

It’s amazing to think we had 6 consecutive nights of BNB in Banff. Those shows were something special I tell ya.

That June my friend Allison and I drove non-stop from Banff to Hamilton, checked out some crazy African percussion thing at La Luna, slept for a few hours and continued on to Bridgeport CT for GOTV. The artist line-up was insane.

Gathering of the Vibes

June 18, 19, 20

Seaside Park

Bridgeport CT

Big Wu

Deep Banana Blackout

Disco Biscuits

Gov’t Mule

Max Creek

Merl Saunders


Percey Hill

The Radiators

John Scofield


The Slip


The Zen Tricksters

& special guests

Then it was back to Hamilton for some much needed rest…but not before my exhaust system fell off. So we got that fixed in Danbury and away we went. Slept for a few days and then some BNB at the Horseshoe…good times.

I had tickets for a few shows on summer tour but I had to sell most of them because my van was stolen the day before we were supposed to leave for Great Woods 7/12/99. Ended up renting a car and making it for 7/13/99. Pretty tight on cash at that point I had to sell PNC 7/15 & 16. Returned to Hamilton and the police found my van, checked out Jamiroquai 7/15 at the Amphitheatre and then it was off to Oswego for a few days of roasting in the sun….damn that was hot. I didn’t have time to get the van fixed and the drivers’ side door was punched out and you had to start it with a screwdriver. It was pretty funny driving up to the border with a van that looked like it had just been stolen. To my surprise they didn’t say anything. To top it off come nightfall I realized my high beams were stuck on. Made it back for the Toronto show with some fine folks from Chicago that needed a ride. I had an amazing time at the Toronto gig and the after party with BNB at Atlantis was a great way to end it....love that rotating dance floor. Unfortunately had to sell the rest of my tickets for 7/21, 7/23, 7/25, and 7/26. After that it was back to Hamilton to find a job.

Thanks for posting this TimmyB...brought back a lot of memories.

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I think some people are getting confused here. I wasn't at the '99 show, but I was at the 2000 show. I can say for certain that SevenSeasJim wasn't at the 1999 show either.

lol....thats pretty funny

I was at both shows, the only two times I've seen Phish....great memories

highlight of both summers, hard to believe its been that long.

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Rotating stag...aha! And someone was burning sage in there, I distinctly remember it. That whole night was incredible for me actually, between one hell of a good trip and (what seemed like) an incredible show, folllowed by BNB and a pretty snake-like subway ride home. Definitely fond memories.

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