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a very, very sad day in peterborough

mikey d

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i just got some absolutely heart-wrenching news. this may not mean alot to alot of people, but to me, i am dumbfounded with sorrow.

after all of the flooding in peterborough the gordon best theatre and the only cafe took considerable damage and have since been condemned and will be torn down.

for me, the gordon best theatre was the art scene in peterborough. ive performed in and been in audience for countless concerts and theatrical performances at the best over the years. ive been witness to some amazing moments and displays of artistic ability in that room. the vibe there was like none other - a sugary, quiet and moody atmosphere that i will never forget.

this is not to disregard the only cafe, either. probably the best cafe in peterborough and one of the best bars, as well. it was teh only place you could go in the cold of winter and sit in a nice, warm room with nice, warm people and drink an excellent coffee and have a cigarette. it was a perfect location to meet up with people or simply just get one of the best goddam avocado sandwhiches in the entire world.

both will be very, very missed by this guy, atleast.

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We here in Hamilton just lost the historic Tivoli Theatre downtown and I think we can relate to some of what you said.

Nice of you to share your thoughts - so sorry to hear about your communitity's losses. From the rubble of the old comes the new......

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NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!! I can't believe it. This was one of my favorite spots in all of canada, definatly on the top 5 places to get breakfast. Man, hard to imagine p-town w/o the only. Well, i guess that's how it goes. Maybe they'll build a new and improved only with a modern gordon best. who knows this could mark the begining of something new and improved. It would be nice if it could be in the same spot but i have a feeling they'll want to get away from the river. Man, no more heady coffee and raspberry pankcakes. :(

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I used to play around peterborough alot in my younger days.. hehe.. after they stopped throwing shows at market hall because it was too run down the best was the only place to play..

plus I have seen multiple great bands there..

I guess the only place you guys have left is the red dog?? unless its all messed up too..

everytime I go to the red dog I have so much fun and see so many great bands.. I played there a bunch of times as well..

and there used to be sidewinders.. it burnt down and is now the nigth kitchen... which used to be blue streak..

sorry.. just reminiscing(not the rigth spelling but I dont; care) about the town that gave me my start playign music, and was so good to me..

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Jeebus Chripes...now where does this cowboy go for a cowboy breakfast!?

The Only is/was the only place in town where earthfreak and I could go for breakfast and a beer at 2 in the afternoon!

that's it...i'm burning a joint in honor of The Only!

who's with me????

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