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Hillside Festival


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Definitely in also. There's a bunch of stuff not to be missed. Just off the top of my head The Golden Dogs and Metric (!!!!) on Friday night. On Saturday (The Bills formerly the Bill Hilly Band), Unicorns, eccodek and BrassMunk replacing WarParty. On Sunday Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Bedoouin Soundclash (later closing out the fest on the island stage as Soundclash Bash with friends). Plus there's a whack of great workshops (musical and otherwise) which is what really makes Hillside great. On Sunday 'Slide on This' has Colin Linden, Lester Quitzau and Steve Dawson (Zubot and Dawson). On Saturday Supersonic-phonic with The Unicorns and The Arcade Fire (that should be really interesting).

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Whoa hold the phones you went to high school with Emily. What was she like? I'd imagine a bit of an odd duck but passionate.

she is/was awesome!

her entire family are/were odd ducks that's why we were friends ::

I am between her and her older sister Avery in age, her dad (Paul) taught French at my school and her mom (Jo) was my English teacher for a while.

I actually remember Emily being a bit shy...she must of had the HOTS for me ;)


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