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Andrew Barr's thoughts on the theft...


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Wed Jul 21 2004 @ 6:30 PM

for all you detectives out there

You all are incredibly generous and your concern is totally reaffirming. If you really want to go out of your way, I won't stop you, but please know that you give us so much just by listening and sharing yourselves. Those of you who live in NYC or are on ebay and have a minute to spare on my behalf could do me the favor of looking out for some of my junk this week. The only things that I think will show up would be:

-Ludwig 14 inch hammered bronze snare drum

-Lexicon Jam Man with a broken reset button

-6 Note pentatonic tongue drum

-calf skin headed Pandeiro (Brazilian tamborine)

-Native American cedar flute (key of A)

These things would probably show up at music stores that deal in used instruments (which is most)in NYC, Jersey or Philly. Really the microphones and guitars that Brad posted are more likely to show up. The interesting thing is that most of my instruments have been given to me by friends, teachers, and other angel types. I therefore let them go freely as they they came in. It is an oppurtunity to reaproach some elements of my sound, which I wouldn't have otherwise done with such diligence. That said, I'm pissed at those sh!tty motherfuckers and want my mother fu©king sh!t back if possible. If not, I won't look back, it's a blessing in disguise I'm sure. love to all. Thanks again.


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