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petetion to make TimmyB regular member


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according to faq:


What are these Titles about?

Everyone has a title within the forum. You will notice them below the Username in each post. Some titles are automatically assigned based on the number of posts a user has made, and some titles are assigned by the forum owner to denote official representatives of the company or other VIPs in the forums.

0 Roadie

25 Groupie

50 Rockstar

100 Superstar

500 Hall-of-Famer

1000 World Idol

2500 Legend


so either there's some glitch that doesn't automatically put the proper titles there, or they're only being doled out in specific instances.

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Guest Low Roller

Jambands.ca- "You bring the chips and dip, we bring the nepotism"

I don't know how the titles work, but if you're unhappy about your assigned title, I'm sure a quick e-mail to Bouche can solve the problem.

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