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Thank You from Esau


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went down to the jail to visit earlier tonight and what can you say? ain't disneyland... Esau'd been in lock up all day because a set of keys went missing so no one was allowed out of their cells since Wednesday night... on the plus side he should be out by next week

in any case, I printed off the entire thread of well wishes and held it up to the glass page by page for him to read (ala pseudo computer) and that put a big smile on his face

he asked me to thank everyone for their kind words and said he'll talk to you all soon



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you're a good friend pais... kudos to you! :D

I actually get a wierd enjoyment from going to places most people don't usually go... soup kitchens, court houses, jail... it was really good to see Esau and hear how he's doing but it was also interesting seeing the jail... its kind of like an exclusive club, you have to know a member to get in

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