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Roll Call: Stag and Doe Saturday


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The room is booked, the sound system is acquired, musical acts are lined up to play, the karaoke machine is humming, the decorations are planned, the food is being prepared and an unprecedented amount of alcohol is being purchased.

So, who's gonna be there to see it all go down and help us celebrate the pending nuptuals of our friends?

Dave and Lara's Stag & Doe Party

Saturday, July 24th

The Bronson Centre

211 Bronson Avenue (please use the Lisgar Street entrance on the side of the building)

$5, tickets available at the door


Cash bar

That's right folks, the fun starts at 8pm, so no lolligagging. We have to end things at midnight, so if you show up late it'll be almost over.

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The Ottawa Free fest is also Sat. nite. Would it be possible for you people to come out when your party ends? We will be playing and partying all nite under the stars.

Sorry to Dave and Lara for not making it out and again congradulations.

Im sure there will be many people there, and maybe some of the adventurous partiers will go after the stag (which ends early).. too bad it worked out to the same day, but its for the family first and foremost.. i'm hoping to head to the freefest through the afternoon! :)

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hope everyone has a great time tonite... rip it up, folks... but play safe... gotsa save some juice for the big show..

and to dave and lara, i wish you 2 a wealth of happiness for the road ahead, wherever it may take you... having only met lara on a few occassions, i can tell she has gotta be one of the sweetest and kindest people out there... and dave, well, what can i say, since i met you way back when you have always impressed me as a human, not to mention as a pedal wanking genius. ;)

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