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The Cheese Kicks Ass Thread...


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Brie cheese is da bomb. I especially recommend a brand called "Caprice des Dieux".

God bless you Low Roller!!!!!! I love that kind of cheese, and I've been on the look-out for it in Canada for years, since I first had it in France.. Then I finally found it on Salt Spring in June, and yesterday in Trois Rivieres!


I've been munchin on a lot of goat's cheese lately as well.. Spread over a baguette, so good!

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is it morbier?? something like that...kinda like oka, but with one vein of blue down the centre.

pretty freakin' good!

I think that vein is actually ash!

Im a cheese freak for sure!! Hell, i even work for a cheese company :) Im fond of Cambazola, Reblachon, and 7 or 8 year cheddar...the older the better.

We recently had some of that Caprice in stock, Kev, and I like that stuff a lot too.

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