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Eric Truffaz - Great Stuff!!!


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Wondering if anyone has ever heard his stuff? He plays with the Eric Truffaz Ladyland Quartet, mostly out of NYC i think.

Anyways he plays a bad ass trumpet, ala Miles.

Line Up:

Erik Truffaz - Trumpet

Phillipe Garcia - Drums

Emmanuel Codjia - Guitar

MIchel Benita - Bass

If anyone is looking to check out an amazing band, lemme know, i'll b&p it up. Oh, i'm sharing it on DC.

New music is good music.

[big Grin]

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Eric Truffaz played last summer at Babylon in Ottawa. I had no idea who he was but did know that he was signed to Blue Note...'nuff said. I rolled the dice and payed the steep cover charge ($20 i think) and proceeded to have my mind blown! It was by far the best bar show i've seen in recent memory. There were just 30 people in the whole bar, with a bunch of european kids just sitting at the front of the stage with their jaws on the floor. my jaw quickly joined theirs. I know Adam, the owner of Babylon must have lost his shirt on the night, but it was the most impressive show i've seen at that club or most any other for that matter. I'm pretty sure Truffaz and his band are from France and they had this dude from Tunisia come on stage to do some traditional vocals that sent vibrations throughout my whole body (and i don't usually get off on vocals). My god, the whole thing was powerful. great stuff indeed. increadible use of samples and loops by every player on stage. The drummer was even looping himself with the use of a megaphone creating some crazy d'n'b style rythms...wow.

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