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Good vibes needed please!


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So I wrote an exam today for a CS1 position with Health Canada, and all went well I guess since they've called me in for an interview tomorrow morning!!! Woooppppeeee!!! I could use some good vibes though to help me through! I'm not too anxious about it, but I always seem to talk to much during interviews! I just can't seem to end my sentences....they just keep running and running....!!!!

Any helpful interview tips would be appreciated too!

Wish me luck! [big Grin]

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Not sure what Health Canada is like... but my attitude in these things is to be respectful but be myself. The last thing I'd ever want is to end up somewhere that I just don't belong becuase I put on some act during an interview...

that being said, a smile never hurt anyone.

oh, and good vibes and g'luck!

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How many Bouchard's can you fit into a CS1 position?

3!!!! (probably technically inaccurate)

You'll do great sistah!

Just don't go on and on about how great Mcnugget's are with a side of cheese, or how the big mac is really good without onions. Personally, I like the onions.

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Interesting interview....

3 scenerio questions....c'est tout!

and 1 was au francais! Desole...mais je ne parle pas francais...seulement un petit peu!

So they gave me the option of taking the question in French or English. I was feeling brave, so I took the question in French. Being brave doesn't mean that you're going to win the battle though! And my flag was lowered...oh well. At least I tried I guess. I attempted to paraphase the question in English, but bombed...so I took the question in English. I suppose it's better that I attempted it though. I feel quite confident in the answers I gave...hopefully that French thing won't bite me in the arse too hard. I'll know today or tomorrow.

I need beers...

and a French course!!!

Thanks for all the good vibes people!

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Sally hon - you are a beautiful intelligent woman with such heart and ambition that if they don't hire you, they're idiots!

I'm sure the French question thing will turn out okay. It shows you're not afraid to take risks and the fact that you didn't burst into tears shows that you can handle difficult situations and you do well under stress.

Make sure you let us all know!!


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Originally posted by Sally:

The vibes are working people!! They just called for my list of references!!! Here we gooooooooo..............
[big Grin]

"No problem! Talk to Low Roller, headygouda, TheSloth, bradm, Dr. Huxtable, Groove Fetish, Tungsten Gruvsten, Mr. Musicface..."click"...hello? Hello?"

You go, girl!



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