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Go Fug Yourself


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I'd listened to a bit of the Fugs cause Abe and Big Jilm got me into it but then I just pulled down everything I could off the net... actually a few days ago and just offhandedly decided to listen to it on a whim..... Right now my heart is literally breaking listening to a country version of William Blake's first poem 'How Sweet I Roamed' - unfuckingbelievabllllllleeeee!!!!! Everyone has to listen to this shit. Their sort of like a yippie collective cult, Ginsberg was involved, the lead singer's got this raunchy voice and that's all I knew of them tunes like Slum Goddess From the Lower East Side and Coca Cola Douche. I'm not even through listening to it all but christ

Jackoff Blues, Morning Morning, Marijuana, Slippery and Greasy Peters, fugs national anthem, National Haiku Contest, Baby done left me, Dover Beach, DREAMS OF PERFECTION, HOMAGE TO CATHERINE AND WILLIAM and Johnny Pissoff Meets The Red Angel have all been sick sick sick. Kill For Peace seems eeeeerillyy fitting. If you dig Ween you'll love the fugs. That would put Weens influences to fugs, Trooper and Night Ranger. Seriously though check this shit out.

The Fugs

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