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WSP - acoustic set!!


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Panic did there first set acoustic last night! Wow! The Ophelia and City fo Dreams would have been sweet... and the Can't Find My Way HOme has me remembering good times with Doug Fever... who's song is it originally? And does anyone know if Panic plays acoustic very often? I can't seem to remember it happening?

04/16/03 Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA

1: Wondering, Fishing, Ophelia, City of Dreams, Clinic Cynic, Nobody's Loss, Pickin' Up The Pieces, Trouble, C. Brown, Can't Find My Way Home

2: Diner > Henry Parsons Died, Tortured Artist, Old Neighborhood, Bear's Gone Fishin' > Jam > Drums > Worry, Don't Wanna Lose You, Love Tractor

E: Surprise Valley > No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

[Only 'Fishing'; Set 1 acoustic]

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MoMack, they've been known to do the acoustic thing from time to time, but definitely a rarity. I know I've got at least one show of theirs with an acoustic first set. And I believe you're thinking of the Blind Faith version of CFMWH. I'm pretty sure that's the original version.

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