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Coventry setlist thread


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Figure I'm going to be sitting here for the next 6 hours or so, I'll update this post...

Set 1

Walls of the Cave ->

Runaway Jim ->

Gotta Jibboo

You Enjoy Myself* ->

Sample in a Jar


Poor Heart


Poor Heart

Run Like an Antelope**


*Trey gives away the trampolines to the crowd.

**Guest appearance by Tom Marshall.

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What the heck else am I going to do? Besides get drunk and maybe argue the merits of Phish with Esau, that is. :D

My problem was never with the band.

is there any honest way in hell that we are actually gonna get this stream at 9pm?

i figure at least 100 000 people will be trying to tune into that radio station....

there isn't enough bandwidth in North America to handle the amount of requests that site is gonna get!

I wondered that too Steve.

I just tuned in and figured I'd leave it going.

Hope for the best I guess.

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i read that too paisley.

i'd love to know what an almost unlimited connection actually is?

For the most part,normally it probally is.

But they probally have never had the amount of hits like they have today or later on closer to 9pm..ever.I'm guessing though.

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well, the technology grows... the Fredrick's of Hollywood thing a ways back that crashed all its streaming servers probably gave the techs a good idea of what they'll be up against for a busy stream

I'm impressed it hasn't even buffered once so far

(no idea on soundcheck, haven't read anything... welcome aboard :D)

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From PT message board

in case anyones looking!!

"open windows media player

paste this url: mms://wm2.abacast.com/wncs

open it"

Yeah, I'm checking out this station right now. The dj just said, tonight 9:00pm est, live broadcast of Coventry until about 12:00am est. And same goes for tomorrow."

Guess we're in the lot now gettin' primed.....suppose its the next best thing! :)

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wait i wanna bring tom out for the last rrrry rrry rocco

wanna bring out my dear dear friend tom marshall

this is tom's 1st line he ever wrote for a phish song

trey also said it felt good to finally have this whole thing under way & he appreciates and thanks evryone who sat in all the traffic & the fans who are walking in "we just love you guys"

"we're gonna play just one more b/c we need to let off some more steam" ===== FIRE!

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