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Jay Funk Dawg

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This should be a wicked time...

4 Bands + DJ


Antigonish, NS



High Plains Drifter is a modern jazz, funk and world beat ensemble whose dynamic live performances is captivating audiences across Atlantic Canada. Comprised of young veteran musicians who met while studying Jazz at St. F.X. University, High Plains Drifter features saxophonist Nick Fisher, guitarist/vocalist Jay Cleary, percussionist Ashley Chalmers, pianist/keyboardist James Dalzell and bassist/vocalist Carl Laudadio.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as The Meters, James Brown and Taj Mahal. HPD's live show is comprised of a very danceable sound, a style of music that represent the evolution of jazz expanded into today's youth culture. EVOLVE happily welcomes back these outstanding musicians. They will set the groove on high and the "FUNK METER" off the charts.


St. Johns, NFLD



Fresh back from Canada Music Week in Toronto and The San Diego Folk Alliance in California, this jazz graduate is turning heads across North America and beyond.

Inspired by legendary Gipsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, Duane Andrews performs a melange of jazz and folk music. His repetoire includes some of Reinhardt's compositions, classics from the Gipsy (Manouch) folk tradition, American Jazz standards, Newfoundland folk music and some of Duane's own works.

Having spent much time over the past 6 years in France performing and studying under French Manouch players Duane has returned home to share this style of music with Canada. He is literally mind blowing to watch as his fingers move across guitar frets like no other.


Halifax NS

Movethemasses/ Evolve Tribe/ DeepRed/ AQUA



He rocked things last year after Simply Jeff, and this year he's poised to do the same after Rennie Pilgrem. Kristen S - co-founder of Movethemasses and Assistant Producer of Evolve 5, is a champion of the breakbeat sound. His hard work and dedication to the genre in Halifax and beyond has helped him to carve a strong niche for himself here in the Maritimes. Kris and partner Sonny D comprise MOVETHEMASSES, a venture that has, along with EVOLVE, helped successfully bring breaks to a much wider audience. Two cd releases and a third one on the way, his blend of deep progressive and hard-edged nuskool will NOT disappoint. Be prepared to go into the tunnel where there may or may not be a light at the end.


Fredericton, NB

Fat Jebus is an emerging band from Fredericton which slowly but surely is bringing their lively meld of Jazz funk, rock , although most importantly funk to the people. Making up Fat Jebus are two old pals from Saint John, electric guitarist Nick Cobham and keyboardist Pat Lewis, drummer Ryan Mercier from Newfoundland, electric bassist and Fredericton native Tayce McAvity. Always in the pocket funky jazz .

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