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coventry question


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COVENTRY, Vt. Some of them had to walk more than 15 miles to get there, but by last night, almost 70-thousand fans had made it to the Newport State Airport to see the band Phish play.

Fans abandoned their cars and started walking yesterday after police put up roadblocks. Heavy rains had made parking areas too muddy to take any more cars.

Ticket-holders were told they'd get refunds if they were turned away.

But most of the fans that were headed for the band's final show this weekend were determined to make it -- and they did.

Police estimated last night that 60 to 68-thousand people packed into the concert grounds in Coventry.

More than two-thousand cars were left on Interstate 91. Fans might not have to walk back to them after the festival ends this evening -- police are talking about bringing in some buses.

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no one left at gunpoint. at least i have not read a single account that mentioned anyone leaving at gunpoint.

currently, it seems if you aren't there, but were in line, it was your choice. they didn't turn anyone away who walked in. If you didn't want to walk, or in many trustafarians cases, didn't want to leave mommy or daddy's brand new suv on the side of the interstate, you weren't getting in.

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Not true Tube... many many people that approached the exit were told by State Troopers with semi-automatics that they were to turn around and no way in hell were they getting in.

Terrapin and Phantasy tour's boards have many accounts of this... Skelter on our board said something too, but I don't remember guns in his account...

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