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Phish - the final setlist -


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[color:"blue"]Set 1

[color:"red"]Mike's Song ->

I am Hydrogen ->

Weekapaug Groove

Anything But Me


Carini ->

Chalkdust Torture ->


Wolfman's Brother* ->

jam (the sexy bump)** ->

Wolfman's Brother ->


[color:"blue"]Set 2

[color:"red"]Down With Disease*** ->

Wading in the Velvet Sea****


[band speech]

Split Open and Melt ->

jam (blowing off steam) ->


[color:"blue"]Set 3

[color:"red"]Fast Enough for You

Seven Below ->

Simple ->

Piper ->

Bruno***** ->

Dickie Scotland****** ->

Wilson ->

Slave to the Traffic Light



[color:"red"][Trey speech]

The Curtain With


*The wolfman's brother is Fishman.

**Trey and Mike bring out their mothers and do the 'sexy bump' dance with them. Then later, 'sandwich' their manager, John Paluska with it.

***Trey plays his guitar with a glow stick.

****Page gets emotional.

*****The band spontaneously writes a song to acknowledge their monitor engineer Mark "Bruno" Bradley. Other crew acknowledgements.

******Same as above, but for Richard "Dickie Scotland" Glasgow.


Jam Band Phish Works Fans Into Frenzy

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Top Posters In This Topic

Seriously I have been feeling really weird about this whole thing (as everyone must). Mainly because I wasn't able to go but after hearing about all the heartache getting in (or not) I didn't know what to feel. I echo secondtube's sentiment that he had to just turn it off. I got an update from Weirdness on Friday between the second and third and he was nonplussed at that point. I wasn't on the net so I was getting updates by phone but last night I really was wondering when the goods were going to come out. I thought the third would definitely have at least a couple of gems (i.e. songs that haven't been played in a while or at least this last tour). But where's the goods? Is it the impromptu Bruno or Dickie fu©king Scotland? I'm sure it was highly emotional, charged at points, doesn't show on paper what went down and all of that but sh!t guys. Could they not have dusted off Fee or Esther, It's Ice, Alumni Blues, Letter To Jimmy Page, Dog Log, Fluffhead (that everyone wanted to hear not that it matters much), which is to say nothing of ANY Gamehendge tunes (Llama, Tela, McGrupp, Forbin, Mockingbird although I guess they played AC/DC Bag). Really anything just a touch further from the staid norm. I mean on paper the rarest stuff looks like The Wedge, Fast Enough For You and Brother- whoopdeefuckingdoo. I don't know flame away but this seems really typical of Phish to me. They really must literally not know how to play these songs anymore and they likely didn't rehearse because I can't make any sense of it. Who knows how they are going to make things up to everyone but this one seems like it's dead in the ground. The curtain call closer is slightly classy but seriously. For all the heartache you'd think they would've dug a little deeper. Hell there wasn't even a late night set from what I can see, hell they didn't even really do many Fishman tunes (if any?). Tools.

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I have to say I did enjoy listening to it,there were points where they tore it up.But,in truth I was rather surprised that the set wasn't a "blow me away" set.

I was happy to hear the DWD which was great in my opinion,as well the Split open & melt > blowing off steam jam was high energy.

Sorta took me by surprise in all honesty that they finished it all that way...

Still 21 years of awesome music....

Cheers to em. emcocktl.gif

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Now little bits and pieces of info are coming out about a late night set maybe bluegrass:

i heard a rumor that fish/mike/page played a late night set and trey was nowhere to be found.. and then he showed up for the last 10 minutes or so not sure if there's any truth to it

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This is interesting:

I just got back from Coventry- it was possibly the worst and most depressing concert i have ever been to. The first set was raging and everyone in the crowd was really excited for the rest of the night. The second set opened with DWD which was sick. As soon as Page broke out crying the night went down the drain. It was really sad watching Page and you really could feel for him. But then after the song is over Trey breaks out crying and becomes a drugged-up mess for the rest of the night...

highlights included:

-Mike/Trey making idiots of themselves "bumping" with their moms and other various stage hands, etc.

-A seven below that featured a vocal jam b/c they couldnt remember how to play it.

-No one in the band could remember the lyrics to Simple. "We've got _____"

-Trey inventing 20 minute songs about his crew prancing around directing the audience and the band on what to do.

-A REDO on curtain with...the final song ever.

-After the Curtain with the guys left the stage, walked around back and each got into seperate tour busses, it was all a joke, they don't give a fucken damn. after seeign that concert, i can say that i hate Trey for being such an egotistical bitch who doesnt care about his career, fans, or family.

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heres a gooder.

oh man!

I went to one of the movie house broadcasts on saturday night. It was crystal clear listening. That was the worst show I have ever seen Trey play. He looked like he was all messed up on smack! The rest of the band was doing great. It was trey that ruined that show for me and a countless number of people at that movie house. Some of the jams were really good, but the song parts were horrible. He flubbed through David Bowie, You enjoy myself, Stash, and every song that had a difficult part to it. Trey was stumbling all over his own feet, he kept rubbing his nose like he just did a big old bump of junk, and he was scratching himself all over like a heroin junky. I was very disappointed, and vow never to pay money on that band ever again. It got pretty bad when a bunch of people at the movie house were groaning when he flubbed through Stash. I walked out of the movie theatre near the end of the third set and sold my ticket for sunday. Wow, what a way to go out! Now, I understand the stress factor involved with this event, cops, rain, money loss, but Trey was right, they should have packed it in after Big cypress!

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After the Curtain with the guys left the stage, walked around back and each got into seperate tour busses, it was all a joke, they don't give a fucken damn. after seeign that concert, i can say that i hate Trey for being such an egotistical bitch who doesnt care about his career, fans, or family.

I've said it before and I will say it again.

Some Phish fans are (to me anyway) about the most ungrateful,self absored fans out there,I can't honestly say I have ever in my life read so much negative sh!t about a band by the very people who only four months earlier claimed they loved them(All of them).

I do find it too bad to see them call it quits but its a hell of alot more pleasing to see them end it as good friends then to see them end it over inner band drama with bad blood....

They all will still be making great music for years to come,alot of songs will still be played too, but just not as a group or as Phish.You gotta know there will be "special appearances" at each of their new projects live and/or on studio material.

In short,if three of them felt it was time to move on then I don't think they made the wrong decision.

As for what fans think,well,I'm sure they think its the wrong decision,but not for the bands peace of mind but for their own.

Of course this all just my opinion.

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phuck you phish phan!! sorry to see the band go but am happy that they might take some of their sh!tty phans with them. ive been a fan for the better part of a decade and have been shaking my head at the stupid crap some of these people say and do. whatever, im sure most of the people who went had a great time at the music, with their friends and with themselves. cheers to those who maintain a graceful and respectful presence (to everyone involved) and a big heady FU to the ungrateful kids slaggin' on the people, the drugs, the music, the band as individuals, themselves, the heady grilled cheese and every other thing.

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well, I don't see anything wrong with doing the bump with your mom and thanking your crew for years of hard work... a nod of thanks to the family that everything really revolved around

the band was emotional and screwed up a few times... sucks to be human in front of some people

I really enjoyed all of what I listened to, and thought most of the playing sounded great... truly drove it home that I wished I was there... mud, rain, traffic and all

the person who wrote that second review of events sounds ridiculous... I saw a few Dead shows that didn't blow my head off musically like other shows had but I was always happy I'd been there (and had enough love and respect for the band that it wouldn't totally piss me off to see them thank their family and crew... or [color:"purple"] *gasp make up a song and asked the croud to participate)

break out the violins and get back on Warped Tour

echo the sentiment that I'll miss Phish but not the more cry-babyish of the fans

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there are a lot of idiots posting and bitching about coventry.

There is even one idiot trying to spearhead a CLASS-ACTION suit against phish and GNP. Come ON!

"After the Curtain with the guys left the stage, walked around back and each got into seperate tour busses"

How in the hell did the tool who wrote that see where the guys went afterwards? There is so much bologna being posted in PhantasyPhish it makes me wish I was nauseous so I could vomit.

All the 'experts' complaining about Trey being all high, drunk, and whatever else is going to drive me crazy if I read anymore. I don't know why I click on those threads.

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I haven't quite thought of the best analogy for this thought but here goes. A good deal of what made Phish so unique was the huge repertoire and the chance that they would dip into any aspect of it at any time. Put in business terms that is their distinctive competency, that is their brand, that is their niche. The Phish product has to do with an audience deeply invested in time, money and other resources with a broad repertoire. I truly feel Phish should die by the sword they lived by. It's like they built an arcade that was known for having all of these rare old cool games and occasionally bringing in the newest hot games so everyone flocked to this arcade. But at some point the new games weren't all that hot and the old games were increasingly generic and lacked variety and people started to feel like it just wasn't the same place. I really feel strongly about this idea, they built a business and marketing plan a whole new or relatively new model of enterprise and it was built around the fierce involvement of their fans in their repertoire. But they just couldn't deliver on that proposition.

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if I cleared everything out my music collection recorded by artists that were predisposed to getting loaded I doubt I would have much left (James Taylor and Billie Holliday were heroin addicts for christsakes)

I listened to the show and wouldn't have felt ripped off whether he had an extra couple of Martini's on his last night or was doing rails a yard long... its his and his family's business, not mine

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peace and love brahs!

Pipe down hippie. slap.gif

There is so much bologna being posted in PhantasyPhish it makes me wish I was nauseous so I could vomit.

Now you know why I am banned from that site and how my usual over opinionated aggressivness towards "phans" started.

I actually found jambands.ca looking for that site,but then this place was called Phish Sanctuary with a baby blue (I believe) color to it,completely by accident and when reading some threads, I saw a Casbah/Doug Feaver post (Secondtube,who I didn't really know then) so I signed up since it was familair.

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so i guess people should just praise phish and their organization for the wonderful experience they just got at conventry.

give your fu©king head a shake. people were just ripped off and screwed over by the very band they supported for years. they have every right to be pissed off and vent any way they feel fit. including slagging the band, the promoters and any other person associated with this concert.

i've said it before and i'll say it again .."phish suck"

i guess the band can dry all their tears with all the money they made this weekend from their phans.

hope to see you all the the next last phish show!

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I thought there might be a class action suit. Think about it, if you booked your holiday from work, hopped a plane or travelled cross country with your ticket...incurring HUGE expense all the while, only to be refused enrty? I know a family that travelled cross country at huge expense, 2 adults 2 young kids(dont know if they got in...hope so) Not to mention the poor suckers who spent HUNDREDS on a ticket on e-bay etc. If it were me...Id be pissed. I still think they should have postponed the event until after the hurricane's wake. I'd like to know how that unfolds.

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