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it feels good... it feels real good!


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yahooo.. i just finished school. at 27 its about time!!

last september, facing few interesting job prospects, i decided to head back to college for a year. meh. ive made better decisions :) but it was a fun year, and ive had the opportunity to meet so many of you's in ptbo, and a couple trips up to ottawa.. too many highlites. thanks to all the new friends ive made..

i just finished my final presentation, and they asked for several copies of my project to be submitted to competitions. wowza! yeeehaw. my final project was a wall map/poster highliting musical sites in detrioit... historical, and current live music venues. i chose this as a topic that could retain my interest, however never met my extended goals of building a web-enabled site locator/database... who cares? a poster is more fun..

so..... its over. going camping up near balsam lake for a couple days tomorrow. back for an employer open house on thursday, hopefuly make some contacts... then its a free for all until the end of the month. wooohoooo!

...and then i got high. :)

oh, wanna see the map?


cheers, craig.

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some day, i will also finish college at 27. but today i registered for only one course for the fall as that is all i could afford, damned unemployment! oh well, i still got four years!

congratafrickinlations! and have fun camping, you earned it (unless you cheated your whole way through like i plan to do)

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