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funniest olympic sport?


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I was the all time top speed walker in my grade school

used to go so fast my hair would blow right back from my head in the indoor auditorium and the whole school would howl and cheer, almost twice as fast as the competition

too bad I thought it was kind of a joke sport

"... and Canada takes the gold!!" ;)

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I just busted it out on my way to the store 15 minutes ago and would have to say, I still have a talent ;)

You got the talent Paisley. Lets get to it.....I'm your new trainer. 2008 Olympics here we come!! Seriously man, I believe in you. Just a little worried about the drug test ::

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Just a little worried about the drug test ::


back at the last Olympics I started thinking that they should have two classes of games...

the "clean" version - pretty much as is today

and the "super doper" version where anyone can do steroids, hormones, speed, coke, meth - whatever gets ya across the finish line first... the winners not only win for physical prowess but also for coming up with the superior chemical soup to tweak their Olympic powers

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paisley is a funny fu©ker!

Blair and I, at a bluegrass festival last summer, took it one step furhter (no pun intended) and had tiny step walking races. We had to walk and only take steps no bigger than about an inch and a half. Raced about 15 meters or so. Blair won the first one and I won the second one. Both very close though. Blair is a sore loser though and pushed me to the ground when I was celebrating my victory. Right in front of all the old ladies too.

My legs were so sore from those two races that I could barely walk the next day!

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Do We have a bong hitting team?

We did,but they were disqualified for snowboarding.

Ha ha ha ha......who kidnapped Esau and put the clever guy in his place - now that's funny! (and thanks for starting the birthday well wishes Esau - hope to see you soon!)

Bacon, I'd completely forgotten about our mini-steps races. We really gotta get that psychadelaerobics going. I was talking to a guy in St. John's and he dances for this abstract/interpretive dance group and he was howling when I was telling him some of our moves. Sad thing was I couldn't remember more than half of them (Still can't find the book :() So we should sit and write another.....those aren't ideas we want to let slip away!

PP - love your signature....ha ha! "cause I'm too stupid and lazy"

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