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My sister is running in the Olympics (Fri - 4:30)!


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Hey folks,

Just thought I'd let everyone know that my sista will be running in the Olympics. Yes, I'm bragging and quite proud of it :: She's running in the 5000m this Friday (Aug 20) - don't know what time it's at and I believe she's running in the 10,000m next Saturday (aug 28) as well. That one was under review by the Cdn Olympic Committee and looked more probable than not the last I heard. (But I've been away and kinda outta the loop)

Go Court!!!

Here's a link to her profile;


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We'll be cheering her on, that's for sure. Liana and Katlin said they saw her interviewed on CBC television this morning ... not related to the race but to her room or the accomodations I think.

I'd be proud as well ... heck, I'm proud and and I really don't even know her, just her long-haired dancing freak of a brother! ;) :: :)

Peace, Mark

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WHOOHOOO!!!!!!!! go courtney!!!!! babsy, you & your family must be sooooo proud. and pffft! no worries about bragging! my goodness, if there is anything brag worthy, that is sure it!

what an incredible experience. she's gonna do awesome, no doubt! HA, i have "she's like the wind" in my head now, heeheehee. anyway, be sure to update us if you find out when she'll be on tv, i'll make sure to yell at the screen lots in her honour.

courtney for gold! or silver... or bronze... heck, the fact that she made it there at all is awesome enough. ::

okay, i'm off to brag to anyone who will or won't listen that i know somebody with a sister in the olympics! :D haha

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Just got the word that my sister will be running this Friday, Aug 20th at 4:30pm in the 5,000m

As well, she'll be on the CBC today giving a "Vanna White-type" tour of the Athlete's Village with Katrina Lemay-Doan. Should be on anytime after 6pm (was already on this morning but the CBC will replay it)

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