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good morning...i like the new digs here


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Kev, glad to see you here, sense I couldn't find you down there. Hop you and Carla had a great weekend with as little hassle as possible. So know that you've given up your staus as the Skanks longest lurker I hope we see a lot more posts. Hell maybe now I'll even be able to get you out to a <shudder> local show.

Hey Alan, I was worried you guys turned around and headed home after the annoucement glad to hear you made the trek up to Newport, chances are we were on the same lawn.

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Dear Kev (& Carla),

I really missed you guys all weekend. However, you were there (and a big part of) the best part of my weekend--partying down with you cats to the Camden show on the side of the road. Couldn't have asked for a better crew!



P.S. I have Carla's umbrella. She'll get it back this calendar year, unlike the Skyballs & Saxcrapers shirt.

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well it seems like most are accounted for lol.

the horse folks from texas moved us to a very good spot all things considered. i dunno between me calling drunk on the cell phone and GNP moving the light standards around it was a pretty tough go of it to find anyone. pretty funny in retrospect to find people we knew camped near you guys only to lose them later. we a great time up on high ground by the nature preserve. it was great to meet you our I-91 team. let's hope it's a nicer day before we pick another one to party beside.

we'll get the Wookies from burlington over here next Trevor.

and yeah...losing lurker status quickly.

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it IS my turn... George and I were just talking last night about coming to your beautiful gorgeous country..... last weekend, when i hugged kevin as he was leaving, I cried... then when I hugged Carla, I cried some more... man, i miss you all so much......

Anyway, George has NEVER seen the falls, can you believe it!?!?!?!?! (well the GOOD side anyway).... but we are concerned that he might not make it over the border..........

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