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DANCING BEAR - Story of Trey and I! - w/ Photo


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Hey dude,

I have a story that will blow your mind. You honestly will not believe it, which is why I want to email you the photos.

Suffice it to say, I got to say thank you, quite intimately, to the man that brought me so much happiness with the help of just 3 other musicians. Ahh fu©k the beating around the bush here, I got to hang out with Trey before the first set....and it is a wild story...I'll email you the details.

Running into you was awesome, and take care man. I'll drop you a line soon, and we can share some feelings about this whole thing.

See ya.

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ok heres the story:

Through a friend of a friend, we went to the show with media credentials and ended up camping in some vip area. We were on our way to the first set on day 1, when trey comes riding up in his golf cart. Due to the mud, he gets stuck, and goes "hey guys, my cart is stuck you gotta help me get out of this mud" so my brother and I go and push him out of the mud, and he says thanks guys...then i walk up to him while he's sitting there and I say "trey, man, I love you. like, really, I love you." and he says "thanks man, i love you too". I then say, listen, we're stuck in the mud as well, can you help us move our car? so he looks over at our clearly sinking vehicle then looks back and starts to laugh. i say, listen, is there any way i could get a quick photo? he says sure, so I get what is now one of the most priceless photographs ever. I blew it up to 16 x 20 and framed it on my wall...I would post it here, except that its not on a web server, just my HD...I emailed it to dancingbear though.

Trey's dad ernie walked up, and they hugged, and when trey drove away, we sat and talked with ernie for a while about the band, the breakup, trey, and everything, and it was really surreal...a really great guy...

and hopefully, i didnt fu©k him up. I thought he was brilliant.

Take care.


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I posted the story for the people who wanted to hear it. I think the whole experience was really wonderful. So anyone who wishes to make fun, chastise, etc...be my guest. To those who can appreciate how invaluable this moment was, I hope you had an amazing time at the show, or listening to the show, or wherever you were at the time.

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Thanks for sharing that,be cool to see the pic somtime..

I posted the story for the people who wanted to hear it.I think the whole experience was really wonderful. So anyone who wishes to make fun, chastise, etc

Now really though man,if that was the case would you not have posted it outright to begin with or in one of the Coventry threads (you must have noticed them) or even just emailed Dancin Bear with that.Its obvious you wanted a reaction.

Cool story none the less.


glad to hear you got to meet Trey.

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It's not that I wanted a reaction, but I did want to share the story with dancingbear and others who maybe have experienced similar things and could share sentiments. I'd like to think I'm past the point of posting things to get "reactions" out of people on the internet.

Just kinda the highlight of my year so far, and thought that the best people to share it with, whether it falls on deaf ears or not, would be the phish fans here.

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