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burt neilson band's time slot at moe.down

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you know, i really hope BNB have a great set at Moe.Down... they've done a lot of time in this country, and like 'em or not, i think they have a sound that is accessible and can get people moving and feeling good... in the wake of Phish, all the talk of who could replace, blah blah blah, and im not saying BNB is the next big thing, but when i listen to them, they're the band that i draw the most similarities to phish with.

that's all. im sure it'll be fun. i'll be dog sitting. have a great time.

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hahahaha... fu©k you're right... ok... forget i said it... i'll, uhhh, be washing my hair? damn! no, thats no good either...

truthfully, i love the burties, and if a friend didnt tell me to check 'em out in '99, i probably wouldnt be anywhere associated in this scene... but who's to say, really... regardless, they were my first taste of canjam, and i loved it.... still love seeing 'em... and hey, its not an Evolve thread, but i really hope they rip it up at Evolve, too... evolve being the reason i wont be catching moe.down..

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