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a good day for mikey d

mikey d

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well i made some great advancements in my life today. if i wanted to be cheesy i could refer to it as a 'new beginning'. i think i just might . . .

today i:

a) got a job! for those of you who know me, this may even sound a little bizarre, but i have achieved the once unbelievable and got myself a job. and not only a job but a GOOD job, hell, a wicked job. im working at the spill which is a real nice cafe here in town that supports tons of live music with shows 4-6 nights a week and has a great group of staff. not only is this good for me on a financial level as it will help me turn around a few financial problems i have currently, but it will also add a little more schedule and responsibilty to my life and take away from the abundance of freedom ive had over the past two months and maybe teach me a thing or two about responsibilty, which will come in handy as:

B) i signed a lease on a house. on sept 1st me and 3 of my best friends are moving into a beautiful house in a wonderful area of town. its within 5 minutes of the dowtown core, but still in a cozy, quiet neighbourhood (542 waterford to all of those who know the patch). its definately a liberating feeling to be getting away from my parents and getting out on my own, and begin to establish myself independantly.

c) I was asked to assume a position on The Peterborough Arts Umbrella board of directors. the PAU is essentially a group that oversees most of the arts that take place in ptbo, everything from dance to music to theatre to art exhibits, etc. ill be assuming the role of the representative for the performing arts. this is a huge offer as i will be able to exercise alot of creative and artistic direction and as well, i will be the youngest person to be involved with the direction of the group ever.

all in all, its been a good day :D

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