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digital SLR camera opinions needed... (bouche?)


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So I'm thinking about throwing down some cash and investing in a quality SLR. I'm looking at two options: the Nikon D70 and the Canon EOS Rebel/300d

The Nikon is a bit pricier (I think I can get it for about 1600 Canadian) but seems like the better camera.

Anyone know anything about these two cameras or where I might look in canada for good prices?


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I originally was going to pick up the Canon, but was easily persuaded to wait for the Nikon D70 to come to the market. I waited, and was VERY glad.



Look for any comparisons on the Internet, and not only will you see that the D70 is preferred, but you might actually understand that the features it has will suit your needs.

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Willy, your canon is very sweet, but the Digital Rebel is no where near the same league as the 10d...

comparing those 2, apples to apples, take the D70 over the digital rebel. trust me. not only is it hands down a better camera body, with better functions, and a cleaner ccd, between the 2 brands, nikon is making strides to design better lenses for their digital bodies (its necessary to have different properties), while canon isnt making any strides in designing new digital specific lenses. and your body is only as good as your lens.

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