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yet another "passed out wooks"


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I love the fact that the bear wouldn't drink Busch (wise bear)

I've got a fridge full of that sh!t and no one will drink it. Sooner or later it's going to go into the garbage.

WOAH WOAH WOAH, let's not get crazy here! I'll drink it Willy - even if it's not good, it's better than water ;)

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Agreed. We went to see moe., Willie Nelson, and The Dead at Vernon Downs last year, and bought a 30 pack of Busch (for about CDN$20, IIRC) at a gas station. It met the "three Cs" of summer tour beer: Chea[, Canned, and Cold.

Later, after the show, we were at the motel, standing outside the room just chillin' and sippin', and an American in the room next to us (also chillin' and sippin', and talking with us) noticed what we had and said, "You know, you guys are drinking crap beer."

Then we look at what he was drinking: Labatt's Blue...



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