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CUFF THE DUKE - Hamilton - Fri Aug 20


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When: Friday August 20

Where: The Underground, 41 Catharine St N, Hamilton

Who: CUFF THE DUKE, Spitfires & Mayflowers, In Silent Code, The Reels

Age Limit: Licensed/All-Ages

Times: 9:00PM Doors, 9:30PM Show

Cost: $8

CUFF THE DUKE :: 12:00am


bio: "the music trembles on the fine line between youthful energy and mature wisdom – unlikely country pop with a touch of epic grandeur"

web: http://www.cufftheduke.com

label: http://www.threegutrecords.com

music: http://www.cufftheduke.com/songs/index.shtml

for fans of: The Sadies, Sloan, Beach Boys, Royal City, Hayden



bio: "poppy hooks, country twangs, dancey beats and note-perfect harmonies"

web: http://www.spitfiresmayflowers.com

label: none

music: http://www.spitfiresandmayflowers.com/cab.mp3


for fans of: The Arcade Fire, The Deadly Snakes, Fiery Furnaces

IN SILENT CODE :: 10:15pm

bio: "sassy riffs and occasional workmanlike solos show that the band members draw their ideas from the annals of rock history -- not just a couple of hip records they really liked in college

web: http://www.insilentcode.com

label: Cincinnati Records

music: http://www.insilentcode.com/music.shtml

for fans of: And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Hot Water Music, Shiner, Braid, Sonic Youth

THE REELS :: 9:30pm

bio: "an honest brand of rock'n'roll that flirts equally between psychedelia and a dandy mode of garage rock"

web: http://www.reelsband.com

label: none

music: http://www.reelsband.com

for fans of: The Sadies, The Golden Dogs, Wilco, Eric's Trip, Burt Neilson Band

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