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American Citizens..get on this


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For the last six months I've beent rying to figure out how the bloody 'ell we dual citizens can vote in the November elextion. I've heard yes, no and maybe from official and unoffical sources many times over but finally...finally there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are a dual citizen (either born in the States or one of your parents is an American Citizen) you CAN vote in the next election. You will need to know your American parents' LAST U.S. RESIDENCE. Go to this site and you can input the necessary info to have an absentee ballot mailed to you.

Deadline is Sept 15th so put down the bong wookie and make a difference!

One more time:


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I've been wondering about this for a number of years too- and- I just did this this year on tour- I signed up from a headcount booth. and I got a form for my ex-pat mom to sign up too. I filled in teh form and apparently they just called me today to clarify info on my form - I'll post to tell everyone what happens- i have to call them back tomorrow to see what's up- if all goes well- a call and I'll be registered.

I'll keep all you dual's posted!

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