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New BT: The Slip - Ice Cream Truck


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I just finished listening to this show and knew I had to help get it out somehow. So I made my first BT. Where's my gold star ma?

I'm leaving it open overnight. If it works alright, please pass the link around to other boards/sites of interest. And if there's any problems with it lemme know and I'll fix it or take it down

BT Forum Link

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Many thanks ahess! I've had troubles connecting to OZ recently, I assume it's because this show is in such high demand. I, and I'm sure others, really appreciate you seeding it as a torrent. I'll be leaving this running all night. I kind of have to (I'm also downloading the 08-15 Coventry show), but I might let the Slip torrent run for a day or two. Thanks again!

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