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Garcia Interview - Rolling Stone - 1972


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i havent read this entire interview, but i read a bit of it, and i think i have the entire interview with Charles Reich, and Mountain Girl, in a book called Garcia: A Signpost To New Space... the interview is 100+ pages, and then the second section of the book is just a stoned out conversation on a sunday afternoon with the 3 of them... its a really great read...

(bouche, i'll get you a little write-up about it eventually, sorry its taken so long, haha...)

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I've been reading for 2 hours and I'm still only 2/3rds of the way through (a few pages into the section talking about Garcia's thoughts on the albums recorded up until 1972 and the different processes used for each)

great stuff, the whole read so far... totally makin my early sunday

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pais, get the book, dude. that entire second section (the conversation) is awesome for a sunday morning with some nice dead playin through the stereo, a little wake n bake, and a coffee... or tea... whatever the case... great stuff... it flows so nicely, it's just like eavesdropping.

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Reich: Well, when we both say that everybody

knows something that most people aren't letting on to.

(Garcia): I don't know what it means. There is some

basic premise there are some basic forces that are

occurring in the universe that--in inhabiting

this universe---you can't escape knowing what

they are. I think of it as a universal--a cosmic

conspiracy. Or, the information we're plugged

into is the universe itself, and everybody knows

that on a cellular level. It's built in. Just

superficial stuff like what happened to you in

your lifetime is nothing compared to the con-

tainer which holds all your information. And

there's a similarity in all our containers. We are

all one organism, we are all the universe, we are

all doing the same thing. That's the sort of thing

that everybody knows, and I think that it's only

weird little differences that are making it diffi-

cult. And there's been a trend among humans to

try to stop everything, that we're going to stop

the force called change in the universe and we're

going to stay here. But it just doesn't happen.

The thing that everyone should know is that

change is the thing that's happening, all the time,

and that it's okay to change your clothes, it's

okay to change your face, it's okay to change

anything. You can change. And you can create

change. And you can do it knowing that it's

what you're supposed to do.

Reich: So the thing is to keep on . . .

(Garcia): Keep it on, keep it on. Just keep on keeping

on, folks.


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great article

RS: What if somebody came up to you and asked you,

"What's psychedelic music?"

Ohhhhhhh, goddamn . . . Phil defined it

pretty good once. He said ummmmm . . . Oh,

somebody asked him once what acid rock was--

which is psychedelic music. Okay, whatever,

we'll use those two as an equation--and he said,

''Acid rock is music you listen to when you're

high on acid." Psychedelic music is music you

listen to when you're psychedelic. I think that's

what its real definition should be because subjec-

tively I don't think that there really is any

psychedelic music , unless except in the classical

sense of music which is designed to expand

consciousness. If you use that as a definition of

psychedelic music, then I would say that Indian

music was definitely that, and that certain kinds

of Tibetan music are, too.

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