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Helpless: The Last Waltz


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Oh man... it was the Last Waltz that did it for me. Upon buying a DVD player, I thought to moyself... "I heard the Last Waltz is a great rock 'n roll movie" - so I picked it up and it definately blew me away. The commentaries are great too.... The scene where clapton's guitar strap gives way and Robbie picks up the solo without losing a beat? Too much...

I even picked up the box set, which has one more clapton tune, two more joni mitchell tunes, 3 more dylan tunes, a bobby charles song, one more muddy waters tunes, another neil young song, rehearsal stuff from the previous day, longer solos, lots more great band songs not on the DVD or album, another 'jam' (bbrrrrrr) and a great book on it. It's not in the movie, but Ronnie Hawkins talks about it in one of the commentaries, and it's on the box set... but Neil Diamond starts off by saying, "I'm only gonna play one song... but I'm gonna play it gooood". Dry your eyes Neil.

I'm gonna have to put it on right now....

Check out the track listsing...

Disc 1

Theme From The Last Waltz - With Orchestra

The Concert

Up On Cripple Creek

The Shape I'm In

It Makes No Difference

Who Do You Love - with Ronnie Hawkins

Life Is A Carnival

Such A Night - with Dr. John

* The Weight

Down South In New Orleans - with Bobby Charles

* This Wheel's On Fire

Mystery Train - with Paul Butterfield

* Caledonia - with Muddy Waters

Mannish Boy - with Muddy Waters

Stage Fright

Disc 2

* Rag Mama Rag

* All Our Past Times - with Eric Clapton

Further On Up The Road - with Eric Clapton


Helpless - with Neil Young

* Four Strong Winds - with Neil Young

Coyote - with Joni Mitchell

* Shadows And Light - with Joni Mitchell

* Furry Sings The Blues - with Joni Mitchell

* Acadian Driftwood

Dry Your Eyes - with Neil Diamond

* The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show

Tura Lura Lura (That's An Irish Lullaby) - with Van Morrison

Caravan - with Van Morrison

Disc 3

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

* The Genetic Method/Chest Fever (excerpt from Movie Soundtrack)

Baby Let Me Follow You Down - with Bob Dylan

* Hazel - with Bob Dylan

I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) - with Bob Dylan

Forever Young - with Bob Dylan

Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Reprise) - with Bob Dylan

I Shall Be Released (Finale)

* Jam #1

* Jam #2

* Don't Do It

* Greensleeves (from Movie Soundtrack)

Disc 4

The Last Waltz Suite

The Well

Evangeline - with Emmylou Harris

Out Of The Blue

The Weight - with The Staples

The Last Waltz Refrain

Theme From The Last Waltz

Concert Rehearsal

* King Harvest (Has Surely Come)

* Tura Lura Lura (That's An Irish Lullaby) - with Van Morrison

* Caravan - with Van Morrison

* Such A Night - with Dr. John

* Rag Mama Rag

Studio Ideas

* Mad Waltz (Sketch track for "The Well")

* The Last Waltz Refrain (Instrumental Version)

* The Last Waltz Theme (Sketch Idea)

*previously unreleased

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