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Flattstreet - PJC Wed. Aug. 25th


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Wish you were having as much fun as this guy?


Join him on Wednesday August 25th at Pepperjack's and party down with Flattstreet in their last Hamilton show of the summer.

Significant Brothers in conjunction with Put On Your Drinking Cap Present

Flattstreet, The Deviance and The EscapeGoats

Wednesday August 25th, 9pm ($5)

@ Pepperjack Café, 38 King William St. (Corner of King William and Hughson)

One last summer blowout with Hamilton's very own prodigal sons of rock.

Confused? I am.

Having been involved with music and specifically the Hamilton music scene over the years, Martin, Andrew and Christopher Eckart have decided that it's time to take over. So, being brothers and being involved in vastly different scenes (jazz, indie rock, partycore) they decided to come together and form Significant Brother Records.

Wednesday night will showcase their respective bands:


Flattstreet - As the youngest Eckart brother, Martin is relatively new to the scene. He does, however, bring a good deal of talent by playing sax with Hamilton's youngest jazz infused funk-rockers Flattstreet. Playing in various bands in the Hamilton jazz scene in small combos, the members of Flattstreet also toured Europe with the Hamilton All-Star Jazz band, making stops at such world renowned festivals Montreux and Viennes. They're currently wrapping up recording on their next album which is due to release in October near Thanksgiving.


The Deviance - Having played in various jazz bands as a kid, Andrew decided to lay back his cello and double bass training to pump out hardcore beats with The Deviance. Formed in the summer of 2003, The Deviance have endeavoured to build their own style which they adeptly name post-apocalyptic-literary-prog-core. They're goal is to create music based upon compulsory novels that they read in grade 10 and 11 in the most awesome manner possible. Their original show, based on John Wyndham's classic "The Chrysalids" wowed audiences with their progressive hardcore sound. Next they plan to explode back onto the scene with their personal rendition of William Golding's "Lord of the Flies". These Lord of the Flies tunes will be performed for the first time on Wednesday night. CDs of The Deviance's first album "Tribulation" (based on "The Chrysalids") will be for sale at the show.


The Escapegoats - The oldest of the Eckart brothers, Christopher has been a part of Hamilton's scene for a decade. His involvement began in highschool with indie rock bands such as Zappy Max and Garbagedrink (look good and hard at the walls in the Underground... You'll find 'em) playing shows at Transit Union and the X-Club. After some solo endeavours (Christopher Eckart 100%) he drifted back into the world of rock with Zildo Ildo and the XOS Army. After a brief hiatus, certain members of Zildo Ildo reformed into Hamilton's indiest of rock bands, The Escapegoats. Their lyrics and sound bring forth their un-pop divinity with obvious influence from bands like They Might Be Giants, Lou Barlow, Pavement and Cake. Never one to sing about girls or other teeny-bopping schlock, The Escapegoats tend to gather inspiration from their recent experiences of being married and having children or working as a bricklayer. Songs like "The Choo Choo That Couldn't" or "Safety Slippers" attest to that, and how @#$%ed up those kids are gonna be. The Escapegoats are currently recording an album which has yet to garner a due date. Do yourself a favour and come see these old fogies of indie rock, it's amazing after all these years that their main goals are still to overthrow the evil oppressors named popular music and consume large amounts of beer and pizza.

I highly recommend that you come out and see these bands for both a fun night and to see a nice example of the diversity and talent that can be found in Hamilton's local music scene. This is your last good chance since Flattstreet and The Deviance members are all moving to different cities for school in September, so shows will be less frequent and quite a bit more expensive (this one's only $5!). See you there.

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