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way to go qu'est-ce que c'est!

snarfmaster C

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mon qu'est-ce que! so sorry i seemed to have missed out on all these threads that are chock full of exciting info on your wonderful accomplishments! CONGRATS! school is done, YAY! i'm so proud of you. :) and good luck with the job interview, unless they are morons i am sure you will ACE it!

(((((((((((((( qqc gets da jobage ))))))))))))

are you coming home to give'r this weekend? i miss you. :(

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you go craig! good luck getting that job in TO, though I will miss seeing you around in Ptbo so often.

excuse me? who's missing who in peterborough? man this place ain't the same since you been gone kev! now weebs is goin too.... :( booooooooo move to peterborough weebs! maybe i could get you a job doing GIS for some grad students

sorry we missed your burning party last night... huck didn't show up until late.

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excuse me? who's missing who in peterborough?

hehe, true enough.. i miss the 'borough very much! something tells me i'll be back though sooner than i had hoped. i am nearly broke now. going WWOOFing right after Evolve and hopefully that'll bring the expenses down to nothing but gas, but things are looking bad in the finance department. I'll probably end up back in Ptbo looking for work.

miss ya!

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