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Electric Meat ~ Live @ the Tequila Lounge ~ Sep 16


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Cheers Jon,

I'm hoping someone from steeltown (with a car) is interested in attending this,as I really want to be there but have to work the next day and just couldn't do the trip via GO bus since the last bus leaves prior to the show ending.

If not then I guess it will be one set for me,depending on the start time.

Any idea what time you guys would be hitting the stage?

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im being very honest and sincere in saying bring the Meat to ottawa... im beggin u folks to see this band... ive been trying to see them for just over a year and it never worked out but these guys will definately turn heads... wicked Feels like a stranger opener followed by a killer bluegrassy original... Booche, im lookin at u here... u will love jon on guitar!!

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great show last night.

POG speaks truth, the Stranger was great, and i always enjoy

Don Quixote.

as Fairysari said earlier in this thread, more shows at the tequila lounge,please. great room. (although, she didnt even make it out. Sari, where you been lately?)

nice to see you again, cyber-trev, been far too long.

in fact, for such a small crowd, this board was decently represented. CyberHippie, POG, LargeMarge, Cnote, good times had by all.

well played, Jon.

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