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Happy Birthday Instagator!!!


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Happy Birthday father raper!!

Hope last night was a hoot......hope you didn't get into the liquor!?!?

S2 dog is right....you are the life of the party (even when you're passed out :P)

C-Towns.....that's the coolest roboxy I've ever seen......we gotta try and figure out how we can make that!

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no kiddin' - that's AWESOME! I bet if we put our heads together we'd ...knock eachother out.

Or we'd be siamese twins

Okay, so let's get it going for Izzy's!! And I was thinking some sort of welfare wheelchair too :: I actually saw a real wheelchair at Value Village and wanted to get it but just couldn't justify the $30 :(

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Are there any photos of Jay upright?...upright and passed out perhaps? Well, I guess someone's gotta pick up the slack from the wusses that are absent most of the time (like me). Hope you had a sh!t-kickin' party on your birthday, and it wasn't too much trouble to pick up the slack once again ;) (thanks buddy)

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ahhhh!!!! jay!!!!~HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!~ i hope it was just amazing & full of all the love & fun you deserve (which is tons). you are by far one of the funniest people i've ever met, & i'm so happy to have you here on home turf. plus, you take such excellent care of that pink lady & for that you get extra high fives from me. :: may you enjoy this & every other 29th birthday to follow!!! (which will surely be many).




p.s. c-towns... you are my new hero. that is one of the most beautiful fu©king things i have ever seen. i think we should make a whole bunch of those & incorporate them into a stellar dance routine. imagine what an explosive starting that would make, a line of boxes on the ground all bursting up to show off their wings (& heads). viva les roboxettes!!!! hahahaha

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