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Vinyl review


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Upstream Entertainment presents:


Fairview Pub, Vancouver BC

April 19th, 03'

I wasn't planning to go to this one, but found myself there with the usual crew right before Vinyl took the stage. The Fairview expanded their stage especially for this show - Vinyl is a 7 piece funk band from San Francisco. (keys, guitar, bass, percussion, drums, sax/flute, trumpet) The sound was great, much like every other Upstream event, they know their priorities as promoters - well done! The band started with a gradual, ambient groove and slowly worked themselves into some serious FUNK. There were a few very interesting, original, funky riffs which stood out as well as some great traditional grooves. They then ran the gamut of musical possibilities - funk into Latin into reggae back to funk then into some AMAZING dub reggae shit with the bottom dropping out and the delay pedals working overtime - this was the highlight for me. Then intermission.

Word on the street was that there would ba some kind of surprise at midnight, (to celebrate 4/20) and once again, Upstream did not disappoint. During the intermission, locals 'Carnival Band' (12 piece New Orleans style horns) marched in from the street with horns, saxophones and percussion and gave an intimate performance while parading through the 300+ boogiers in attendence. When they broke into 'Rainy Day Women #12 & 35' by Bob Dylan, the bar was overcome with the danky smoke while everyone sang together "Everybody must get stoned" 4/20 Vancouver style.

Vinyl then took the stage with members of Carnival Band for an awesome mega-jam. They were clearly having a blast and the jams were quality - trombone, 2 sax's, flute, trumpet, 4 or 5 percussionists... I mean, DAMN. Shit went off. They then unleashed some bowel-shaking FUNK and some more of the sick dub-reggae for their 2nd set. Booty's were shaking vigorously.

I must say I was once again very impressed with Upstream Entertainment. They covered even the most minor details to create a fantastic, party vibe. There were mardi-gras beads given out, costumes and smiles all around. Great way to kick-off the spring concert season.

Cheers. [smile]

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