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NTFS > Back to Fat32 (can it be done for free)?


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I know partition magic does it, but i dont have that program.

Brian Hamilton just got a new to him, computer. He wants 98 on it (obviously, lol).

Well, i'm pretty sure it has a ntfs partition (which is why they are having a problem formatting it).

Can i format his hd back to fat32 easily? Or does he have to buy a new harddrive?

Thanks all...


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oh, cyberhippy, you wanna buy him a copy of win2k?

i REFUSE to install cracked copies of ANYTHING but win98, as i dont want to deal with the headaches of customers when they get overrun with virus's, as everyone does with win2k.

Security leaks through the roof. Software harder to find cracked (every piece of software has been cracked for 98)

If he wants to spend 200-300 on a pro copy of XP, i'll gladly install it, then explain the importance of making that sh!tty operating system usuable. Fix Fix Fix Microsofts massive problems.

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I have a disc called "The Ultimate Boot Disk" and it has about 25 programs on it,one being 'kill disk" and I just checked it (booting of the cd-rom) and it can do it,I actually have done it while I was having all the problems a couple weeks back.

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