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Guest House Poor Folks Tonight Brantford


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Hi Everybody,

It's a good day ofthe year for stuff.

Amongst other things pull a Yeah

Im a gonna go see the Guest House

at the new Poor Folks Deli(brandos market)

with some people tonight out of your

personal bag of tricks.

People are saying things like, well

I can go to this thing, or hmmm, later

Im stopping my car off at places too.


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The word on the street is, like, whatever, you know? So I'm with you on the bag of tricks thing,...amongst other things, like you said. So if you want, get in your car and drive. So whatever you do, and I feel really strongly about this, make sure you do it. And that's all I have to say about that. So, like, whatever...that's what I would do anyway...but that's just me.

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