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nasty virus is a pain in the neck!


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so i guess i didn't come home from the Rainbow Gathering all happy and healthy afterall.

my van was loaded (13) with people on the way out, sitting/laying on my bedding, and generally infecting my home on wheels.

since then i've managed to acquire this nasty cold/virus that has the left side of my neck swollen and incredibly painful

i had several incidents yesterday where turning the wrong way instantly brought me to my knees the pain is so severe!

everytime i cough i have to hold my neck so it doesn't fall off

the beers and joints aren't cutting it!

no OHIP as i'm still a BC resident, so....

what the HELL do i do?

massage therapy?



a be-heading?

could be worse i guess...at least i don't have to go out to work

someone HELP !!

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Sorry you're feeling ill, as I mentioned in your other thread many people come home with illnesses after Rainbow Gatherings so be thankful that it's probably just the flu.

Lay off the beer and pot so your immune system can recover a bit. plenty of OJ and legal pills if you need it to sleep. And do your best to ignore Luke despite his terribly witty quips reinforcing hippie stereotypes. After all, who are we if we can't laugh at ourselves?

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Don't get all up in a tissy. You went to a dirty hippy gathering that is about as hard to satirize as hitting the broad side of a barn. I made a flip comment you freaked out and that's pretty much it. If I came on here saying 'I went to an orgy last week and now it hurts when I pee' what do you think people would say? Don't even throw around the physical bit because you know I am just itching for a hippy melee.

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ignorance is evil

i'd be interested in hearing where this dirty rainbow gathering Zero went to was

the two i've been to have been a hundred times better than most jamband shows in regards to respect, kindness and YES cleanliness

try speaking from experience instead of out your fat ass

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Just so we're clear I'm just fu©king with you. I mean what do you want me to say, 'yes I believe that you are right in your assertion that high standards of cleanliness were observed'. You're probably right it's just that I can't help but be satirical, I already loathe many aspects of the hippy scene particularly in the absence of actual music ergo the idea of going to a gathering that doesn't involve performances is anathema to me. Insomuch as you're actually in pain I apologize okay. Call me an a$$hole, call me an egotist, call me whatever you want I am comfortable with what I'm all about and I'm not going to change for anyone.

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off with his ear! ha, just kidding.

countrycowboy, if you've had cold/flu-like symptoms accompanied by a sore neck you can't move for ELEVEN DAYS, i'd be heading to an urgent care clinic or the emergency room pronto. you're probably covered somehow with the BC coverage, but if not, blue cross is only like $25 for a day if you get it to go to the states (i can't see it being much more for a day here). i don't mean to scare you, but we had a menningitis outbreak in kitchener near the end 1997, and i remember the symptoms they listed were cold/flu-like ones accompanied by not being able to move your neck very well (i think the test was to see if you could touch your chin to your chest & if you couldn't that was baaaad) & it's highly contagious. it's probably not menningitis (after all you are still alive & functioning), but 11 days is an awfully long time to have no improvement, so you should probably get it checked out. even if it's just a combo of a bad cold & a pulled neck muscle or something, it's better to be safe than sorry. good luck & i hope you feel better!

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