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serious question


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CatPhish took the words right outta my mouth..moreless,Gram Parsons...my god that cat rocked.

(CatPhish,I have an unreal bootleg of solo Gram disc,not an "A" quality but definatley a keeper,if your interested)

Although,my George Strait knowledge is extremely minimum,I do like the honky tonk,especially if its sh!t kickin good.

No problems with George here.

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Mr. Country Cowboy I think the time has come to lasso a few firemen. I was shocked when I read the responses to such a serious question. Date my mom? quite smoking herb? It sounds to me like lost souls seeking to drag you into their holes. Dark holes where graham parsons reminds continually moans in their ear about the pain of love. Yes love does hurt sometimes and the words to Christie`s Tune are often true, but honestly, no matter how Strait it sounds, I find myself seeking A Love Without End. AMEN. Well I`ve got a burrito to catch, maybe you`ll be there.

Huck 339361128

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Esau, I am definatley interested. I have one Graham Parsons and the Fallen Angels including Emmy-Lou, titled "Yours Truly Anonymous". If thats not the same one you have I'll gladly trade you.

Huck,Graham Parsons sooths the pain of love he does'nt moan. I'm not even sure if there would be George Starit if it was'nt for thoses like Graham Parsons creating the avenue.

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the time has come to lasso a few firemen

they call me the fireman

that's my name

making my rounds all over town

putting out old flames

well, everybodied like to have what i got

i can cool them down when they're smoulderin' hot

i'm the fireman

that's my name!

giddy'up ::

i still like the sounds of bokomom though...


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