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how searching gets you to jambands.ca


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I'm probably responsible for an awful lot of those "jambands.ca" searches. Searching through google doesn't leave the site name on your drop-down address history menu. Since I'm at work all day, and should be working, I don't want to be too obvious about doing stuff that's not work... like I'm doing right now.

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I was just viewing some web stats, and I noticed an interesting search phrase that has been used to get to this site from search engines.

Why on earth would someone be searching for this dude?


Well I dunno why you'd search for it, but Mr. Zadarnowksi submitted this: http://www.jambands.ca/EditModule.aspx?t...w&ItemId=91

What I want to know is why "Flatt Street" searches come here more than on their official site! :P

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