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top 5 back to school songs


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i remember

i am, i am superman

and i can do anything

by REM

school songs

1) School of Rock - School of Rock

2) School Days - The Runaways

3) Another Brick in the wall - Floyd

and this beauty:

"I Will Always Hate School"

Stuck here

All day

Writing pointless five-page essays

I just groan

'Cause I know

I don't get out of this place till May.

And I...

Will always hate school, ooh

Will always hate school


And college too

Tried to cheat

On a worksheet

I'll get detentions till I'm thirty

Why, oh, why,

Is junior high

The worst place that I will ever see?

And I

Will always hate school, ooh

Will always hate school

(Instrumental sax break played by school band)

I have library fines

Gotta pay $22.99

And I wish that I could,

Get out of here

'Cause school really stinks,

And it is not fun...


Will always hate school!

I'll always hate school

I will always hate school!

I will always hate school!

I, I will always hate...



Yes, I hate school

I'll always





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