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MIke Daley and Flamenco wiz Mark Sepic PJC tonig


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Hammerheads into a great night of music can check out Mike Daley and Mark Sepic at Pepper Jack's tonight.

Showtime 9pm

Cover $3.00

38 King William



Toronto Sun (July 2000) by Jim Slotek

Farrah and all that jazz

Farrah By Night: "We're here with Farrah Fawcett, do we still have to pay?" asked the woman at the head of the entourage at the door of a certain private-but-popular West End after hours club. The answer was yes, and so they did. And Farrah apparently had a great time for it Saturday (or rather early Sunday), catching a great set by local jazz maven Mark Sepic, who took a water taxi to get from his gig on a yacht to his favourite late-night boite. The wee-hour partyer Farrah (who's here filming the mini-series Jewel) happily thanked all well-wishers, including that legendary Queen St. Impresario who called her "Cheryl."

Ego Magazine by Hugh Fraser

Guitarist is guided by the Spirit

It's El Duende -- the mysterious spirit and emotional storm that takes possession of the great Flamnco guitarists --that guides the music of jazzman Mark Sepic. Sepic began guitar studies in the '70s at Hamilton's Westdale Secondary School with Ancaster teacher Ron Colling, who inspired me to keep going. Keep going for this first real gig at the legendary Knight II coffee house and then got him ready to study music at York University.

It was at York that the music of the world poured in on the aspiring young player. Lenny Breau started it and guest teachers like Zoot Sims and Eddie Lockjaw Davis brought the jazz, while the great Ghanaian drummer Abraham Adzenjyah and south Indian Mrdangam artist Sankarin brought the rhythms of Africa and Asia. Despite these new musical doors opening at York, Sepic says he "got overly fried by the poverty, chastity and obedience" of student life and took his degree in part time bits, while getting heavily into Latin jazz with his eight-piece band Banana Beat in the early '80s.

"We had our Hamilton debut at Festival of Friends", he recalls, "We don't get to play that much. Eight guys is quite a big band. But we've played the last five DuMaurier Jazz Festivals and we still rehearse regularly with an eye to recording in the near future." The band is therapeutic, says Sepic, 36, who more often plays alone or in smaller combos. That's when his individual style using gut strings and classical Flamenco techniques are married to his electronically-amplified jazz sensibilities. It was studies with Flamenco aces David Serva and weekly jamming with 81 -year-old Flamenco master Robert Carter - students of the great Diego del Gastor- that brought El Duende to Sepic. "It's the tongues of fire atmosphere, like a gypsy Pentecost that descends on guitarists after the sleep deprivation of playing four-day fiestas, wine and exhaustion makes them susceptible to that vibe, " Sepic says. "It is irresistible and all-encompassing."

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Mike Daley is excellent. He used to be in a band called Uncle Violet. He also teaches music at U of T (or at least used to). Although I am 4,500 kms away and cannot attend, I encourage you all to see him. Otherwise, just watch for him around Hamilton in general. He used to play shows with a guy named Doug Fever and may still do so, and both of them are great players.

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Doug plays every Wednesday in town at the Casbah

Mike works for CBC in Toronto now and hadn't been playing in Hamilton for quite some time, but is getting booked about once every month or two at Pepperjacks

and you are correct Mike rocks, amazing guitar player and songwriter... very funny guy as well

(same all goes for Doug)

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Seen Mike many many times.As goes for Doug Feaver.The Thirsty Cactus shows always come to mind for most recent.

If I can scratch together some $$ tonight KC,I'll be in for a few cold ones and some kind music.

Think I may hit a Doug show next week too,since I do still owe em some discs and a message was passed along to me to come by since its been over a month seen I chilled with some Doug.Actually,Bow Valley just started on my computer playlist mix of favourites as I type this,gotta like that.

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Hey Esau, would have loved to seen you tonight. No probs though, I know you're dealing with some heavy sh!t.

Mike Daley was all class as usual, the suprise of the night was Mark Sepic though, that guy has some pretty sweet looping in his songs. As well as some hambone, harp and that boyeeeoooooeeeee noised instrument that you hear in Crocodile Dundee movies. Not a didgereedoo though.

Also a class act. Him and Mike did a couple songs together to end the night nicely.

They'll be back.

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